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Woo Dating App


We got 12 guys to sit on one couch and asked them some candid questions – from romance to heartbreak, turn-ons to what men really want. And as conversations begun, something beautiful unfolded. Watch some snippets below from our #LetsTalk series and find your match on Woo App, India’s leading dating app that women love.




So does wearing a cape bring about Superpowers? Watch the #LetsTalk series to know, if all the men were bestowed with a “superpower”, what would they want?

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Back in time


Going back in time brings back a lot of memories, good old’ childhood days, being the head boy of the school to just those finer things life.

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Take on GOD


There has always this one big question, do men believe in God? How important is faith for a man? How do men across various age groups visualize God to be?

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Dealing with Heartbreaks?


As far as one can recall – men have been known to the be the stronger gender, but wait how they deal with a heartbreak? Do they give into stress eating?

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